Summer is the perfect time to bring in some extra office help in the form on an intern. Many college students use the summer months to seek employment opportunities related to their majors.

An internship can be a great opportunity for both parties involved. This gives the student a perfect chance to learn, hands-on, about their career without having to make a long-term employment commitment. It also provides the employer a chance to “test-out” the intern to decide if they would be interested in hiring them after graduation.

Here are a few things to consider before hiring an intern to work at your office for the summer –

1~ Do You Have Time? One thing about having an intern join your staff for the summer is that you must remember that it will take extra time to train them. Although the student may be studying business, remember that they will more than likely lack the experience and qualifications that a seasoned employee has. If you personally don’t have the time to teach them, make sure that another one of your employees is ready to tackle the task.

2~ What to Look For. There will more than likely be dozens of students interested in summer internship positions, so it’s important to find one that is the perfect fit for your office. Look for a student that posses the important characteristics of a good employee. Things to look for are – eagerness to learn, technical ability, social skills, positive attitude, commitment and someone that is able to work alone and follow directions well.

3~ Realize It May Not Be Permanent. After putting in the long hours of teaching the intern the in’s and out’s of how the the office runs, you have to remember that the student has to return to school and may not want to return to work once school resumes in the fall. Because of this, some bosses prefer to hire employees that will remain at the office.

4~ Remember You’re Teaching. Remember that everything that you and your staff show to the intern will help mold them into the future business person that they will be in the future. Try to keep their experience a positive one, introducing them to as much information and people as possible, helping to make them successful later in life.

As long as you look at the internship as a learning time, hiring a student for the summer can be a rewarding and positive experience for everyone involved and may possibly lead to a future employee in your office.