Whether you are recently divorced, or just an overly busy business professional looking to get away, there are many reasons for people to travel alone.

Instead of feeling insecure about heading off by yourself, you should put those vacation days to good use and approach the trip with enthusiasm.

Traveling alone means that you have complete control over your trip’s agenda, and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to pamper yourself.

Here are a few ways to help you to fully enjoy your trip while going solo –

1~ Be Friendly. If you book a tour during your travels, you may be asked to pair up with someone else for the event. Make sure to be friendly and ask what has brought them to the destination. If you are just staying at a destination resort, strike up friendly conversations with those around you. You will feel good getting in some small talk with fellow travelers.

2~ Treat Yourself. With today’s world being so busy, most people don’t take the time to treat themselves. Find a hotel that offers massages, or book a manicure and pedicure to fully enhance your relaxation.

3~ Try Things. Take full advantage of what your vacation destination has to offer. This is the time to indulge in new experiences like hiking, kayaking or even surfing. Try new foods at a local restaurant, and don’t be afraid to find out new things about yourself.

4~ Be Safe. Make sure that you always walk with confidence and carry a fully charged cell phone and your proper identification at all times. You will feel more comfortable exploring the sites knowing that you have these items on hand. Don’t feel awkward saying no to new acquaintances that want you to go off the beaten path if it makes you uncomfortable. Your safety should always be top priority.

5~ Relax. Never feel that you have to plan out every minute of the day because you will end up wearing yourself out. Vacations are also about relaxing. Feel free to have a quiet day at the beach, or even a day spent relaxing with a good book.

Traveling, and getting away from everyday life, is good for the soul. Don’t hesitate to plan a solo trip, and if you do, make sure to spend it enjoying the things that you love, guilt free.