Anyone that has started their own business can tell you how difficult the process is. From the conception of the business to making critical decisions on how to remain successful – the future of your company depends on your choices made.

One thing to keep in mind is that mistakes are inevitable and will definitely be made along the way. The hard part is to learn from these mistakes – hopefully improving from each one, helping your business in the years ahead.

The following are tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make –

1~ Always Ask. Customer feedback is something that gives you the opportunity to fine tune your product or services. Don’t assume that just because you think something sounds like a great idea, that your clients will agree. The best way to grow is to ask your customers and clients what they are looking for, getting their opinion, before you spend valuable time and money into launching something new.

2~ Seek Advice. Don’t be afraid of looking weak by seeking advice from trusted friends, mentors and other entrepreneurs. Just keep in mind that sometimes too much feedback can be overwhelming. Listen to the tips given but also take time and extra thought before making any big decisions. You can always go back and fix a mistake made, but you can’t succeed if you never get started.

3~ Remain Focused. Most entrepreneurs have many more ideas that they have time to execute them. It’s easy to get busy chasing down a new idea, only to find that you’ve neglected the base of your business. In order to avoid this urge, it’s a smart idea to write ideas and goals down. This will allow you to periodically view the list and decide what should be tackled now and what ideas can wait for later.

4~ Hiring Good Staff is Important. Hiring the perfect staff for your company is a very difficult task. You must remember that your employees reflect on you to all customers and must be professional with a good work ethic at all times. Ensure that everyone hired is qualified, capable and eager to learn. If your staff members are not performing their tasks as promised, don’t hesitate to give them additional training or replace them if necessary.

5~ Always Take Time to Network. Even if your schedule seems to be going non-stop, never pass up an event to network. It is of upmost importance to be well-known in the area where you are starting your business. Since visibility is the top rule of networking, it may be smart to join several local civic or business associations. Besides being a great place to meet other business owners in the area, your name will quickly become locally well-known, helping boost your business contacts.

6~ Keep Your Word Promptly. Never leave clients waiting unless you are on vacation. Always respond to emails or phone calls within 24-hours. If something accidentally slips through the cracks, due to busy schedules, always apologize immediately. When you set-up a lunch meeting or an appointment, always make it your first priority to be there on time, keeping your word and the respect of every client.

Every new entrepreneur will find hurdles that they must jump to keep their business moving forward. Hard work and dedication will help your business thrive, and allow you to gain a reputation as a responsible and reliable entrepreneur.