Because today’s business world runs at such a fast-pace, most entrepreneurs find themselves constantly attached to their cell phones and computer screens – always checking for new emails or text messages.

Although this activity is good for business, it can be disrespectful to your colleagues and family members around you, who also want a piece of your time.

The following are several tips to help you find a better balance between social networks, mobile devices and personal interactions, to help your life and career-

1~ Know When To Turn Off the Phone. Mobile devices are vital, but must be turned off during important times. Always put your phone away during presentations, meetings, conferences and family functions. This will allow you to be able to be fully in sync with the people around you. Never check your phone during these personal times unless you are expecting a very important call – when you should put your phone on vibrate and quickly excuse yourself from the meeting.

2~ Regulate Your Time. If your phone must be checked on a regular basis, choose specific times to perform this task instead of doing it on a constant basis. Try looking at your phone on an hourly basis instead of every few minutes, which still allows you to stay connected, but also helps you be more aware of the personal connections around you. It’s also a good idea to turn off your mobile device in the evening to allow better sleep patterns.

3~ Never Text and Drive. One of the times during the day when you should be disconnected is while commuting. Looking at the screen while driving is not only dangerous to you, but is hazardous to everyone around you as well. No email is as important as a life and can wait until your vehicle is parked. Also, be mindful of others when using your phone in public areas such as subways and airplanes. Put your phone on vibrate and set the screen brightness to low, as to not disturb others.

4~ Be Courteous. If you must take a business call in public, make sure to talk softly and make it short. Never share private information when others can hear you. If possible, try to step outside or away from others before having a conversation so that everyone around you is not bothered by your talking.

5~ Remain Aware. Think about what you are saying before you post things on social media networking sites. Remember that all posts can be read and shared. Try to remain professional and never post negative complaints or condescending messages, which reflect poorly on you. You should also think twice before posting rants on politics or other controversial topics, as these can often aggravate others and start unnecessary feuds.

6~ Put Thought in Emails. Emails are often a common source of miscommunication due to the fact that recipients can’t tell your tone or expression. Before sending, carefully think about your words and decide if it would be wiser to have a face-to-face conversation or if a phone call would be better. If emailing several colleagues at once, make sure that your point comes across correctly and is something that all recipients will benefit from.

Staying connected is important in the non-stop busy world of business, but it’s also just as important to keep personal interactions and contacts. Finding the right balance of both will help build your relationships and maintain your level of professional respect.