Although it may feel unusual, it is important to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, in order to grow both professionally and personally.

Most people would like to better themselves, but are afraid of change, or simply don’t know where to begin. The biggest hurdle in life is the fear of the unknown – which is why change can be so difficult.

The following are some tips for taking risks and working through the fear of change –

1~ Accept Hurdles. There will always be difficulties along the way. Some of the obstacles that arise may be time, family relationships and money. Take time in advance to think of these situations, and make plans on how you will face them head on.

2~ Find Help. Spend time contacting family members and friends that always support you, and tell them your goals. These people will be there to turn to when times get tough and will help see you through and help build you up.

3~ Gather Information. Before making any decisions, go online and do some research. Chances are that you will easily find the story of someone that has gone through the changes that you desire and by reading their journey, it may help you find answers to make your path easier to follow. Look for ideas on additional education or responsibilities at work that you may need to take on to fully prepare you for your next step.

4~ Acknowledge Your Fears. Everyone has fears in life. The best thing to do is to acknowledge those things that cause you anxiety and learn from them. Overcoming fear and facing new challenges is one way to grow and succeed in life.

5~ Accept Failure. Even if your first attempt at change seems to fail, don’t give up. Instead accept that life is full of ups and downs and use these times as stepping stools for personal growth. We can only truly fail when we refuse to rise and try again.

Although scary, it’s important to take risks in life. Even if success isn’t achieved right away, you will learn and grow as both a person and a professional, helping to make you a more successful individual in the future.