Every office requires the hard work and dedication of all employees to run like a well-oiled machine. Because of this, the bad attitude of a single employee can bring down the energy of everyone surrounding them, creating tension, and hurting the production of the business.

Rudeness, which is a growing problem in the workplace, can lead to low performance, missed days, and a negative work environment.

The following are a few ideas on how you can stop the offensiveness before it causes damage to the office –

1~ Be Polite. The correct way to talk to your co-worker is to encourage them to motivate and inspire others, instead of tearing them down. Be positive while trying to encourage them, fostering an environment of respectful interaction. Proper business etiquette is about positive communication, helping to create a functional work environment for everyone.

2~ Think Before Speaking. Everyone has been in the position before where they have spoken harsh words out of haste and later regretted them. Because of this, it is very important, and necessary, to greatly think of your words before you actually say them. Be sure to consider other people’s feelings during communication. Always listen intently, allowing the other person to express their opinions and ideas too.

3~ Be Careful with Messages. Emails and text messages are extremely convenient for office work, taking only minutes to send to colleagues. The problem with this type of communication is that it quite often can lead to misinterpretation due to not seeing the senders facial expression or hearing the tone of their voice. To help avoid confusion while messaging others, be sure to send clear and complete texts. If the message gets too long or complicated, it’s often better to give the person a call or talk to them directly to avoid confusion. If messaging is the only option, take the time to re-read the context before sending to ensure you have clarified your point respectfully.

4~ Be Personal as Much as Possible. The overuse of technology is a growing trend in the business world and can negatively impact social skills between colleagues. When possible, try to encourage personal meetings and group interaction, which both aide in emotional intelligence and also help with office relationships.

5~ Promote Positivity. It’s easy for a co-worker to begin feeling down if they are struggling at work. Try to keep a keen eye out for others and hand out compliments or assistance, when needed. Sometimes someone’s poor attitude can change as soon as they feel appreciated or noticed for their work.

Although an office can greatly be affected by one worker’s attitude and influence, that negativity can also be changed quickly with a little time, or by making a few simple changes. By choosing to remain positive and respectful of others, you can quickly help make your office a more productive and pleasant place.