Positive endorsement from existing customers can make one of the biggest impressions on prospective new clients. As always, word-of-mouth is one of the most important ways for any company to gain new business.

Long-term customers know about the benefits that your business offers more than anyone else. Because of this, it’s vital to keep your customers satisfied at all time.

The following are some tips to gain positive feedback from existing clients and how to attract new customers –

1~ Work Hard. It is vital to work as hard as you can to deliver service to your clients that is so exceptional that it gets them talking to others. Make sure that your work and services are top-rate. Instead of only doing what is asked – exceed your customer’s expectations. A personal referral from a happy client shows that they fully trust your abilities and recommend them to others.

2~ Build Trust. Word-of-mouth recognition from clients is built on a reputation of trust and hard work. These relationships take time to build. Know that you may make mistakes, but ask for constant input to continually keep your customers satisfied – and embrace the faults, learning and growing from them.

3~ Request Testimonials. If a client is kind enough to give you positive feedback, ask them if they are willing to allow you to use the endorsement to let others know about their good experience. Even just a few short sentences is enough for you to use on your website or other marketing places.

4~ Find a Well-Known Client. Most clients will be very willing to give endorsements, if they are happy with your services. Getting positive feedback from someone that is highly respected in the community can move mountains. Community leaders or local celebrities are great influences on others.

5~ Ask for Referrals. If you have a customer that you know is happy with your work, don’t be afraid to ask if they are willing to share some of their contacts with you. If they would prefer, ask if they would be willing to contact the person on their own – suggesting your services.

6~ Get Involved. Get your business involved in the community. Even if you just use your office as a drop-off site for food donations for the local pantry, you create visibility that your company wants to help with local causes. Other suggestions are to help support local 5 or 10k races, where you company logo will be seen my many. Most races are held as fundraisers for local causes, so you are also aiding in community organizations.

7~ Continue Relationships. Never forget a customer once their job is completed. Continue a relationship going with clients so that they will come back for your services, when needed. You can obtain this by sending mailers, showing your current specials or new features offered.

8~ Keep Up on Social Media. Don’t just start a Facebook page for your business and don’t update it. It’s important to consistently post updates and news about your services. Be sure to answer questions or injuries that are posted – staying active with site visitors.

9~ Say Thank You. When you get a new client, make sure that you ask how they found out about you. If it was from a referral from existing client, make sure to send a thank you note to them in the mail. Let them send a thank you note to them in the mail. Let them know how much it means to you that they recommended someone to you. Doing this small task may please the client enough that they send additional businesses to you in the future.

A little hard work and dedication can help build trust with your clients, which will undoubtedly boost future business referrals.