Celebrating Valentine’s Day at the office can be difficult for many. Because the holiday is usually all about love, the office setting can be a day full of candy and flower deliveries – making some feel uncomfortable.

Luckily there are many ways to enjoy the festivities of this February holiday by showing your colleagues that you appreciate them without over stepping any boundaries.

The following are a few tips on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day appropriately at the office this year –

1~ Send Friendly Cards. While sending eCards are enjoyed, this Valentine’s take the time to hand write fun cards to your co-workers. Remember that not everyone may share your personal sense of humor, so select cards that are friendly, and will be appreciate by everyone. Save the romantic gestures for family and friends, not your office colleagues.

2~ Bring in Sweets to Share. Bringing in cupcakes or cookies is a great way to celebrate this holiday, as everyone enjoys a good snack. Make sure that you supply enough for everyone to enjoy and set things up in the break room for people to enjoy on their own time.

3~ Dress for the Day. Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than dressing for the occasion. You can still look professional in a dark suit, and just add a spark of Valentine’s Day fun with a red or pink blouse or scarf. Another idea is to paint your fingernails red for the day or wear a heart shaped broach or pin on your suit jacket. Simple outfit additions can dress up your whole ensemble for the day.

4~ Don’t Showoff. Even if you have a large floral bouquet delivered to your desk from a loved one, fight the urge to walk around the office to show it off to everyone. Remember that the Valentine’s holiday is difficult for many that don’t have a significant other. You can be excited about your gift, just sit them at your desk and wait for colleagues to notice them as they walk by.

5~ Keep Romance Out of the Office. If you are in a love relationship with someone at the office, don’t use this holiday as an excuse to publicly display your affection. Even if other colleagues know about your relationship, that doesn’t mean that they want to see and be part of it. The two of you can celebrate your happiness after office hours like everyone else.

6~ Don’t Make Plans at Work. If you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day until you walked into the office and saw all of the flowers and balloons, don’t panic and spend your work day making purchases and reservations for your partner for that evening. You are at the office to work, not make romantic plans. If you must, run out during your lunch break to get a quick gift, or make a dinner reservation. Colleagues wont take it kindly if they are spending their day working while you are on the phone with a florist.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at the office can be difficult, but by following these etiquette tips, you can enjoy the day and remain a respected employee at work.