Whether you travel for business or pleasure, one of the most important things to remember during the trip it to ‘mind your travel manners’.

Remember that there are hundreds of people on every flight, lodged close together for several hours at a time, and everyone has their own destination in mind.

The following tips will help your travel time run much smoother during your next flight, ensuring a better commute for you and all others on the plane –

1~ Hang Up the Phone. Show respect to the security officers and everyone else in line at the airport, and stay off your cell phone. People tend to get frustrated in check-in and other lines, and causing delays due to cell phone conversations or texting can only make matter worse. Wait until you have made your way through all lines and gaits before making phone calls, to help things run swiftly for all passengers.

2~ Purchase Bright Tags. It’s amazing how many suitcases look identical to each other on the luggage carousel. To speed up your waiting time, and to avoid not recognizing your own bag, make or purchase right and distinctive ID tags. This will make your luggage stand out and be easy for you to spot.

3~ Dress Nice. Although comfort is a key factor while traveling, you should still select an outfit that you feel confident and look successful wearing.

4~ Don’t Block Seats. Everyone knows that airplane seats are small, and sitting for many hours next to someone you don’t know may seem awkward, but you should never place belongings on the seat next to you, making it seem taken to other passengers. This is a way to get on the bad side of others very quickly. Instead just find your seat and open a magazine, trying to relax for the flight.

5~ Avoid Offensive Odors. When ordering your in-flight meal or snack, try to avoid consuming foods that carry an offensive odor. If you ate something before the flight that may cause pungent breath, like tuna or onions, chewing gum or snacking on a mint can help remedy the problem quickly.

6~ Be Kind. Instead of showing frustration to the family with the crying baby or challenging toddler, try to stay positive. Showing a smile can speak volumes to someone struggling during the flight.

7~ Remember Your Headphones. If you are not in the mood to socialize during the flight, always pack a set of headphones. When people have headphones in, that is the international signal to be left alone. If you do want to talk and your neighbor has their headphones in their ears, remember to respect them and leave them alone.

8~ Wait Your Turn. Regardless of how quickly you would like to leave the airplane, it’s important to realize that everyone on board has that same goal in mind. Try to patiently wait your turn before exiting your seat and joining the always crowded airplane isle.

Nothing can make every trip run without a hitch, but by using a few tips, and keeping a positive attitude, you can ensure that things will run much smoother for you and those around you during your next flight.