When everyone in the office seems to be taking time off to head out for a family vacation but your work obligations are in overdrive – taking all of your time, it’s hard to accept the fact that you are probably unable to partake in a summer beach getaway.

If this season has you bogged down at the office, here are a few ways to squeeze in some much needed TLC – even if it can only be obtained for a few fleeting minutes.

1~ Take a Short Walk. Even if every day seems to be jammed packed, take a few minutes and step away from your desk. Bring your sneakers and socks to work, and go for a brisk walk. A few minutes of fresh air is a great way to clear the mind and recharge your battery.

2~ Treat Yourself. Make an appointment for an evening manicure or pedicure. Looking your best makes you feel more confident. Purchase some nice smelling hand lotion, or a relaxing scented candle to enjoy at the office.

3~ Dine Healthy. When your stress level is at it’s peak, it’s the best time to eat healthy and stay hydrated. Treat yourself to a deluxe salad, full of fruits and vegetables. Eating right boosts your immune system and makes you have more energy for tackling difficult, busy days at the office.

4~ Connect with Friends. Call a friend and make special dinner plans. This will give you something to look forward to and going out is a wonderful stress reliever. Try making the arrangements for a new restaurant that you have been wanting to visit.

5~ Relax With Family. Even if your job has been all consuming, making you put in extra long hours during the week, make a point of visiting with family on the weekend. A trip to see family members for a relaxing afternoon visit is a great way to wind down and forget about the stresses at the office, while providing an opportunity to re-connect with those that  you love.

If you are too busy at the office to plan a tropical vacation this summer, trying some of these tips and ideas will help keep you on track at work, while providing some TLC for the mind and body.