In the business world, one of the most important traits to possess is the ability to remember people’s names. Doing this simple act can make the person feel that their interaction with you, now matter how short, was an important one.

This skill can help you make new connections and make people feel valued, helping to open new doors.

Many people recognize faces but constantly struggle with trying to remember names. This is not a skill that comes easily, but because it is so important, it’s something that needs to be worked on to help boost your career.

The following are a few tips for you to use to more easily be able to put names with the faces of the contacts that you might not see on a daily basis.

1~ Repeat the Name. Brains more easily form connections through repetition. For this reason, be sure to use the person’s name several times during your conversation. This will help you to remember their name during your next encounter.

2~ Study the Name. Eyes also aid in helping the brain remember things. If you are meeting someone new and they are wearing a name tag, look at the name in print as well as the person’s face. This will increase your ability to associate their name with their face for the next time you meet.

3~ Make Mental Notes. If you continuously struggle with remembering names, try to make a mental note of something visual that you can associate to help you. For instance, if you meet a woman named Joy, try to picture her singing the song, “Joy to the World”, at your next meeting. The crazier visual ideas are the best at helping your mind think of the name easier.

4~ Ask for Help with Hard Names. If you are meeting someone new that has a difficult name to pronounce, or that you didn’t hear correctly during introductions, ask them to repeat it immediately. Be sure to say the name back to ensure that you have it down correctly. Doing this shows that you pay attention to detail and want to learn their name.

5~ Don’t Play Shy. If you see a client or business associate outside of the office and simply can’t remember their name, don’t play shy and just wave. Instead be sure to shake hands and just ask the person to remind you of their name. This avoids awkward moments. Be sure to use their name when saying goodbye and take extra measures to remember it for the next interaction.

Although we would all like to remember everyone’s name, we are also human and even those with the quickest wit and great memories can also sometimes forget now and again. Just remember that nothing makes a person feel more important than hearing their own name said. Using these tips can help boost your memory and make you a favorite among associates and new clients alike.