Although many people in the business world appear to be full of confidence, there is one major thing that almost everyone fears – confrontation. In fact, most hate office problems so much that they will go out of their way completely to avoid them.

One problem with steering clear of confrontation is that it can quickly build, turning into unresolved issues and tensions can rise.

Sometimes the best solution, although difficult, is to deal with the problem head on, resolving things and putting them behind you.

Most conflicts aren’t started intentionally, so if talking with a colleague is done with honesty and respect, resolutions can be obtained.

The following are some helpful ways to tackle and resolve common conflicts that arise at the office –

1~ Remain Calm. The worst thing that you can do during a conflict is to fly off the handle. Because the tongue tends to sometimes move faster than the mind, the best thing to do is take a few minutes to calm down before approaching a co-worker.

2~ Never Cast Blame. Nothing good develops when we point fingers. Because most conflicts begin with accidental misinterpretation, try calmly expressing how you feel to your colleague and then allow them time to explain. Calm, open communication is the best way to express both points of view, hopefully resolving both feelings and the problem.

3~ Try the Good-Bad-Good Formula. When resolving conflicting opinions, try talking to your co-worker by beginning the conversation with something good and also ending it on a positive note. This helps show the colleague respect and gets your view across without negativity.

4~ Respond to Their Point. Be sure to respond to your co-worker’s point of view during the conversation, ensuring that the conflict is fully resolved. Don’t leave the conversation unresolved and make sure to fully listen to their side, making mental notes on ways to improve yourself for future projects together.

Using these tips on resolving conflict at the office will help you interact better with fellow colleagues, helping everyone work together with mutual respect, which will ensure happiness in the office, and greater productivity and success for your business.