Spring is finally upon us, and with it brings the time of year when the weather warms up, people begin to go outdoors, and it also is the perfect time to get organized.

Many begin ‘spring cleaning’, by not only removing the dirt and clutter around the house, but also rolling up their sleeves and getting busy cleaning their office area.

One way to be more productive at work is to remove clutter on your desk. Physical clutter quickly turns into mental clutter – slowing down your performance.

With a desk stacked with old folders, paperwork and notes, your brain has a harder time focusing on the tasks at hand. All of this unneeded clutter can weigh down your mental resources during the day, making you work slower, feel stressed and can even cause exhaustion.

Here are some ways to rid yourself of unnecessary clutter and ‘spring clean’ your work space –

1~ Get Rid of Distractions. Your desk should be completely clear of everything except the current project you are working on. This will help you to stay focused on one task at a time, and not make you feel frazzled about other projects. Place old paperwork in organized folders in your desk drawers. Also compile a folder for future projects and place it somewhere that you can glance at it, if needed, but out of sight while you are trying to get things done.

2~ Purchase A Small Supply Organizer. Buy a small office supply organizer that will hold your pens, note pads, paper clips and other supplies neatly on your desk where you can quickly access them, when needed. Having these essentials kept neatly, right where you need them, can help you feel organized and give you quick access at all times.

3~ Make A Photo and Memo Board. Take all of the loose notes and family pictures from your desk and hang them up on a magnetic board where you can see them, but they are not piling up on top of your desk. Write down inspirational quotes to also hang on the board to keep you feeling good on busy and difficult days.

4~ Bring in Some Flowers. Nothing reminds you of the new life of spring like flowers. Buy a small pot of spring flowers or a potted plant to place on your desk, adding a bit of color to your work space.

5~ Clean It Up. Bring in some Lysol wipes and spend a few minutes cleaning your desk top, telephone, keyboard and computer screen. Getting that layer of dust that has gathered over the winter months will make your desk seem brand new – inspiring you to get more things done.

Instead of only using your energy to spring clean your home, doing a few simple tasks and making quick changes at the office can help you to get de-cluttered at work – boosting not only your mood this season, but also your productivity at work.