Patricia's experience includes talent for Hyatt Hotels, Adams-Mark Hotel, HSN, PGA Golf Resort, and “Manners Minute” segments airing on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.

spokespoersonPatricia Rossi is not only a sought after etiquette coach and consultant, but also a public speaker and on-air personality. Her experience includes talent for Hyatt Hotels, Adams-Mark Hotel, HSN, PGA Golf Resort, and “Manners Minute” segments airing on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.


  • TV Radio Media
  • Twitter Parties and Social Media Interaction
  • Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr
  • Blog Interviews
  • Event appearances
  • Sales Meetings
  • Satellite TV and radio media tours
  • Educational webinars
  • Skype interviews
  • Video and radio news releases
  • Sales Meetings
  • Internal communications videos and articles
  • Magazines, newspapers, Blogs
  • Podcasts

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What Patricia's Clients are Saying:

“Patricia brought into a fruition a vision for Inclusive Student Excellence at UNC. The experience was once-in-a-lifetime for many students and still is a hot topic for conversation. Patricia was the perfect inaugural keynote speaker for our College to Corporate program!”

Ada Wilson Suitt
J.D. Director of Inclusive Student Excellence / University of North Carolina

“I thought it was very valuable. Though you cannot possibly take away everything, I think there were some key takeaways that I will certainly roll into my daily life. Inspire would be a great venue for her, because she would be especially “inspiring” to women and they would enjoy interacting with her and hearing her story in general. A speaker like Patricia is invaluable and something I took as a privilege to sit through.

Renee Buzek
Strategic Account Manager / Moen

Dear Patricia, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! The evening was amazing. You are full of love to share and that was very clear in the atmosphere. Everyone was engaged and loving every minute of your presentation. I’ve had so many great comments and the best was: “This was the best program we have done” I was super excited and wanted to share the positive feedback.

Mayu Fielding
Pirates Baseball Organization Education Coordinator / Pittsburgh Pirates

“Thank you so much for your active and hands-on role in our Women’s Leadership Networking Event yesterday.
The positive feedback just keeps coming in! You inspired me and our group to think and act differently in the way we approach networking in social situations. I look forward to reading your current and future books. I truly hope our paths will cross again in the not too distant future.”

Alison Hinds-Pearl
Senior Compliance Counsel / Bayer

“Patricia Rossi’s Pro “Active” Protocol for the professional athlete – essential. Touch down technique for stellar social media, community, and team success. Enables each and every athlete to succeed on and off the field.”

Terry Cousin
Steelers Player Engagement Coordinator / Pittsburgh Steelers

Dear Patricia, Thank you for speaking for PNC wealth management today. I learned so much, all of which I can apply to every part of my life. I hope we can work together again!

Judy Jadlowiec