One of the hardest things in life is listening to others point out your flaws. No matter how much self confidence you possess, taking criticism from others, even if it is given constructively, can be difficult to swallow.

Unfortunately we all need feedback to help us grow both personally and professionally. This is something that helps your business performance.

The following are a few tips to help you gracefully accept criticism from others, and how to grow from the feedback –

1~ Don’t Take things Personally. Constructive criticism is not meant as an insult, but instead something to help you in the future. Always react with respect, hoping the person’s intentions are good, and truly listen and try to learn from what they are telling you.

2~ Be Polite. Most people are just as uncomfortable at dishing out criticism as they are accepting it. For this reason, try to be polite while listening to what they are saying, knowing the conversation is difficult for both of you and they are trying to help. Always be kind and try to thank them for their input.

3~ Ask For Help. If you are struggling with something in the office and would like suggestions on how to handle the situation better, ask a colleague for advice. Sometimes criticism is easier to accept when you are seeking it.

4~ Pick a Partner. If you are trying to improve your performance at the office and want feedback on ways to grow, it is easier to give and listen to tips with a close colleague. Find a co-worker that is also seeking growth and partner up by helping each other. The two of you can meet a few times a week to give both positive and negative tips back and forth.

5~ Write Things Down. After hearing criticism from a colleague, take a few minutes to think about what they said, writing down their tips. Seeing these ideas in writing will give you a visual tool to look at, and remind you of what needs to be worked on.

Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes constructive criticism is just what’s needed to help us with self-development. When taking correctly, this can be an important tool to help reward you with your professional relations.