When the summer heat begins to rise, it marks the perfect opportunity to adjust your office wardrobe for the season.

Although it may be warm outside, always keep in mind that many offices have rules in certain clothing options – like spaghetti strap tops, which are probably not professional looking and are better left to be worn after hours and on weekends with friends.

One of the best ways to know what’s acceptable at your workplace is to look at the office’s executives, and follow their professional example.

Here are a few ideas and tips for this summer’s wardrobe adjustments –

1~ Never Wear Strapless. Even if you layer your strapless shirt or dress with a nice summer cardigan, you will still undoubtedly be pulling up the top throughout the day – an activity that is not acceptable for the office.

2~ Add Jewelry. Adding some jewelry to a plain blouse and skirt ensemble is a great way to add a splash of color this summer. Another idea is to select a nice pair of bright pumps or flats, to add color to your wardrobe.

3~ A Sheath Dress is Perfect. A slim fitting sheath dress, either with a belt, or alone, is a perfect summer option and can be a staple in your closet. They are simple, but professional looking and can be purchased in many colors. Sheaths are great with a jacket or sweater in the colder months and can be made to look dressy or casual, which is perfect for social events too. If your office has rules about bare shoulders, wear a light weight cardigan over the dress, which can be quickly slipped off in the car, when you get warm.

4~ Change Your Bag. Change your purse or work bag to a lighter leather color for summer, or purchase a brightly colored bag as an accent piece to your professional wardrobe.

5~ Find a Skirt. Skirts come in dozens of materials and lengths. Find a lightweight material, in a length that flatters your body shape. Worn with a brightly colored blouse or button-down shirt, will make you look professional, while keeping you cooler.

6~ Paint Your Toenails. While flip flops don’t ever belong in the office, there are several different types of open-toed pumps and flats that are professional looking. Before you bare your toes at the office, make sure that your toes are manicured and looking their best.

There are many ways to help you stay cool this summer while still keeping your professionalism in tact.