On the days when you need to look your professional best, paying attention to the little details is vital.

For these important days, simply picking out your outfit the night before is not enough. Every detail of your look is essential to make a good impression.

The following is a list of a few faux pas that must be fixed before stepping out the door to the office –

1~ Remember to Iron. Don’t select a blouse or dress shirt from the back of the closet without ironing it first. Although the shirt or skirt might fit you perfectly, no one will notice that if you are covered with wrinkles. Make sure everything is ironed and looks pristine before you leave for the office.

2~ Remove Animal Hair and Lint. People notice every detail, and it will be hard for them to focus on your business suit during a meeting if it is covered with lint or animal hair. Always have a lint roller on hand and use it all over before you leave home.

3~ Don’t Over Accessorize. Jewelry can make an outfit look even better, but wearing a dozen bracelets that clank together with every move is too much for the office. While dressing professionally, always think that less is more. You want people to notice you and not be side tracked by your jewelry. A single necklace, small bracelet or watch and one or two rings is enough jewelry for a day at the office.

4~ Wearing Hair Ties for a Bracelet. Many women with long hair always tend to wear a hair tie on their wrist for easy access to pull their hair back, when needed. This accessory may be okay when you are at home or by the pool, but it is not a professional look for the office. If you need a hair tie while at your desk, keep them in your purse or desk drawer, but never around your wrist, as they look tacky.

5~ Unhemmed Pants. Pants that are to long only end up dragging on the floor and eventually get frayed ends. Always purchase pants that are the correct length or visit a tailor to have them hemmed correctly.

6~ See Through Fabrics. Even if it is fashionable to wear a top, made of sheer fabric with a tank top underneath, this ensemble is not something that should be worn in the workplace. Always wear blouses, t-shirts and dress shirts made of good quality fabric and save the sheer clothing for after hours activities while socializing.

7~ Wear Clean Shoes. Make sure that the shoes you wear are clean and without scuff marks. Try to select a nice dressy pair of flats or comfortable pumps, and leave the flip flops and athletic shoes for occasions outside of the office.

8~ Make Sure Your Clothes Fit. Don’t try stuffing yourself into a tight blouse that makes the buttons pull apart. This also goes for a skirt that is skin tight, not allowing you to sit or walk comfortable. Make sure that each article of clothing fits you correctly, ensuring that you look professional.

9~ Chipped Nail Polish. If the polish on your finger nails is chipped around the edges, it’s a better decision to just remove all of the polish then to wear it chipped.  The small chips make it look like you are lazy and don’t care how you look. Always keep your nails short and trimmed, making them look tidy.

10~ Keep Your Whites White. Don’t wear white that has started to turn pale yellow. If you have time, give the clothing item a bleach bath. If you don’t have extra time, just avoid wearing that item until you can buy new and pick something colorful instead.

11~ Hide Bra Straps. Make sure that if you are wearing a blouse or dress with a low back or v-neck, that your bra straps don’t show. If necessary, wear a strapless bra, or pick a light sweater to wear over your top so that the straps are covered. Make a conscious effort to not dig and pull at your straps throughout the day, as movements like this make people lose concentration on you – focusing on your movements instead.

12~ Dry Your Hair. Nothing says “I’m running behind”, like showing up to work with wet hair. Be sure to blow dry your locks before heading to the office to ensure a more put-together look.

13~ Sporting Old Make-Up. If you go to bed late without removing your make-up, don’t think that it’s okay to arrive at the office like that the next day. If you don’t have time to re-apply, simply wash your face and add some concealer for a natural look instead of wearing yesterday’s clumpy mascara.

14~ Clean Your Glasses. It’s hard for colleagues to concentrate on what you are saying, or for you to focus on your work, when your eyeglasses are covered with smudges. Always carry a small glass cleaning cloth with you so that you can keep your glasses spotless at work.

15~ Leave Yoga Pants at Home. Even if you have an extra long blouse with a belt and think that it looks like a dress, pairing it with yoga pants at the office is definitely not a good idea. In fact, yoga pants are something that should only be worn at home, or at the gym. Although comfortable, they are not business attire.

Concentrate on even the smallest details, when trying to look your best at work. Looking completely pulled together will not only help keep your professional reputation in tact, but will help you to remain respected by fellow colleagues and clients alike.