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“Reading the Room” Online Etiquette

wsj-articleYour online goal should be the same as if you were in person: to engage, give value, and make someone’s life better.
It’s hard enough to figure out someone’s intent in person; trying to “read the room” online can be even more frustrating. In an article in a recent Wall Street Journal…

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How to Ace Your Office Secret Santa Exchange With Minimal Effort

money-decemberBecause nobody wants a coffee mug full of candy canes.

Listen, we get it. With all the present-wrapping, travel-stressing, and dinner-table politicking keeping you busy this holiday season, the office gift exchange ranks dead last on your list of priorities.

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Rules of the Road

entrepreneur-magazine-october-2016A modern passenger’s guide to good manners, according to two etiquette experts.
Question: I’d usually chip in for gas when carppooling with a coworker, but she has an electric car. Should I offer to foot part of her electricity bill instead?
Patricia Rossi, business etiquette coach and author of Everyday Etiquette: You always want to show some gratitude…

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southern-livingSouthern Living (March 2013)

Say Goodbye to Gossip
Instead of whispering through the grapevine, use a strategy from Florida-based business etiquette coach Patricia Rossi.

1. Change the Subject: “Where did you get those gorgeous shoes?”
2. Be Direct: “It’s not nice to talk about Alison – she isn’t here to defend herself…”

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How Bad is it to park your car in front of a neighbor’s house?

hgtv-coverLeaving your car for less than a day is fine. But let it sit there longer and you’re treading into rude-behavior territory. “Even though your neighbor doesn’t legally own that spot, she deserves to park in front of her own house, or to have that space left empty,” says Patricia Rossi, author of Everyday EtiquetteBottom Line: Sorta Bad!

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The Talk: Make Your Vacation Pals Cough Up Their Fair Share

money-magazineA getaway shared with fiends or relatives can be the stuff of everlasting memories – unless squabbles over finances turn close relationships into ancient history…The Group Rules:

1. Keep it Light: Work with topic into a larger discussion about the good times you’re going to have, says Patricia Rossi, author of Everyday Etiquette…

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