Since the majority of our waking hours are spent at the office, it’s important to have a job that we are truly happy doing.

By finding an office environment that we enjoy being a part of, we generally feel more confident and motivated to achieve success.

Here are a few ways to find happiness at work –

1~ Be Social. Although you are at the office to work, it is also human nature to have a need to be social. It only takes a little effort to get to know your colleagues better. Because you spend so much time together, it’s important for everyone to get along. Some ideas are to suggest colleagues to gather for lunch once a week, or even to enjoy a quick coffee break together. If schedules don’t allow break times at once, offer to meet after work for coffee. Even a few minutes spent socializing helps to make you feel closer.

2~ Be Challenged. It is very common to become bored at work when you are doing the same tedious tasks on a daily basis. Instead of dreading the momentous chores that you normally tackle, try challenging yourself by asking your boss if there are any additional projects that you can help with. This not only keeps you busy, but also shows your boss that you possess passion and drive at the office, which often gets recognition – helping you get noticed for your hard work.

3~ Help Others. Instead of just completing your own duties at work, and trying to stay busy by working on small tasks, keep an eye opened for colleagues in need. Lending a helping hand to others that are bogged down will not only keep you busy, but will also gain the respect of your co-workers who will more than likely return the favor to you, if ever needed.

4~ Hand Out Compliments. If you notice colleagues working hard or putting in extra effort on projects, be sure to compliment them on their work. Everyone loves to be noticed and praised. This will in turn make you feel happy, knowing that you have helped improve someone’s day.

5~ Talk to Your Boss. If there is something that is bothering you at work or making you unhappy, don’t be afraid to bring the topic up with your boss. Working in an unsuitable situation will only cause your performance level to suffer, which is a hindrance to you and the company. More than likely your boss will help you to come up with a resolution, and will also be happy to help accommodate changes to improve things.

With a few changes and positive attitude, you can be more productive and happier at the office.