Bosses that don’t take time off from work often believe that their company can’t fully function without them, when the real truth is that their staying in the office all year actually hurts the businesses’ productivity.

This pattern of never leaving the office is affecting the next generation of workers, where now only about half of them even used their paid vacation days during the last year.

The decision for business owners to remain at the office without time off can be detrimental to their employees. The following are several reasons that entrepreneurs will be much more successful after they take time off.

1~ You Need to Relax and Recharge. Rest is critical for a healthy body and sound mind. Taking time away from the office while still continually checking emails and taking business calls is not considered rest. Leaving your normal environment encourages you to explore new cultures, and gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself. You can bring your phone, during the time away, but fight the urge to engage in any work related activities. Fully unplug from the office and try to enjoy the time away.

2~ Build Relationships. Having strong relationships with your spouse, other family members and friends makes you a happier person. When you pour all of your energy and time into running a business, your personal relationships can often get placed on the back burner. Taking time off allows you to spend quality days rebuilding the bond with those that mean the most to you.

3~ Be an Example. If you don’t feel that you need a vacation for you, do it for your employees. By staying at the office everyday, you are showing that time away is not important. Your actions on this topic are seen by everyone at your company. Show your staff that time away is important, and you will have a happier and more productive office.

4~ Reduce Stress. When workers are constantly putting in long hours at the office, it can negatively affect their judgement and production, and change the office into a place with poor communication. Time away from everything is a very important fix for all of these issues.

Don’t try to be the boss that has to do everything. Your business will thrive and be a much happier and productive place when you lead by example and take time away. This positivity will not only be noted by your staff, but also by your clients.