For anyone looking to boost productivity in the office – it might be time to think outside of the box for your next business meeting.

Many supervisors and managers have turned to hosting business meetings, or holding job interviews in creative locations, instead of having everything in the conference room. The change of scenery can help get everyone out of the office for a while, inspiring thoughts and creativity.

Here are a few possible suggestions of places to host a creative business meeting –

1~ Local Coffee Shop. Local coffee shops provide the perfect relaxed setting for a short meeting. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their favorite beverage, while getting away from the office. This allows you to conduct business while getting to know colleagues better in a social setting. It also is a great way to support a local business.

2~ Art Museum. Art museums usually have open areas with benches for sitting, providing an excellent place to gather for a meeting. Viewing the surrounding art pieces is a great opportunity to start creative conversations, and looking around can often begin brainstorming sessions.

3~ Local Bakery. Local bakeries provide a creative, social and friendly space to conduct a short meeting or host an interview. Bakeries normally also have complimentary Wi-Fi services, which is helpful for business events. This location will also be filled with warm beverages and delicious treats for everyone’s pleasure.

4~ Dog Park. Most dog parks have covered picnic areas, with tables, giving you a place to gather for a meeting outside, surrounded by the visual stimulation of four-legged friends. If hosting at the park, remember to pack a few beverages and snacks for all employees to enjoy.

Instead of planning your next business meeting where they are always held, try something new, encouraging creativity, by holding things in a different place.