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Etiquette Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Career

Etiquette Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Career

Even the top business professionals can struggle to move forward in the career path if they act or speak incorrectly with their colleagues.

The following are several etiquette errors to avoid at the office, ensuring that you don’t sabotage your career –

1~ Correct Body Language. The way we stand and the facial expressions that we use have a huge impact on how we are perceived by those around us – especially at the office. While you may not even be aware of your demeanor, it sends a message to your co-workers. Because of this, it is very important to make a constant effort to stand-up straight with your arms at your sides and keep a smile on your face.

2~ Don’t Steal the Credit. Every office is a competitive environment, where employees are looking for the opportunity to get ahead. Promotions are only handed out for those that have earned and deserve them. Taking credit for the hard work of others is something that will not only make you become hated by your colleagues, but is considered a major breach of business etiquette. In order to keep from making a negative impression, only take credit when it has been earned. Also remember to be there to applaud fellow co-workers when their dedication and work is recognized.

3~ Remember Your Manners at All Times. Many people show great social skills when interacting with people face-to-face, but lapse when dealing with others on-line. It’s very important to treat people with that same personal respect when sending emails or text messages too. Always respond in a timely fashion, letting them know that their business is important to you.

4~ Talking Gossip. Humans have the need and desire to be social, even in the work place. Conversation and relationships between colleagues is encouraged and can help the office by a friendlier environment, helping productivity, but forming cliques and talking gossip is detrimental. Always respect all colleagues, and don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. Take the time to be friendly with everyone at the office, making a positive impact on morale.

5~ Remain Professional. Although you want to always be yourself, it’s important to remain professional in front of co-workers and clients. Telling silly jokes and acting like you do at a party with friends is something that should be saved for after hours. It is possible to obtain your professionalism while being positive and keep a light sense of humor at the same time.

Being comfortable at the office is a priority and can be reached with just a few minor changes that will not only make you a positive influence at work, but could also be noticed and appreciated by your management team, boosting your confidence and career.

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