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How to Handle a Talkative Coworker

How to Handle a Talkative Coworker

There is usually at least one extremely talkative person in every office. These are the type of people that don’t care if you are busy working – as they will continue to tell you their every life event.

The good news is that instead of getting frustrated with the non stop chatter, there are several ways to help you tactfully handle the situation.

The following are a few tips to help deal with a talkative colleague –

1~ Don’t Offer Your Full Attention. Try to avoid eye contact with your chatty coworker. Keep your focus remained on your work, or computer screen, while they talk. This shows them that you are trying to work and are busy.

2~ Wear Ear Buds. If the office rules allow, wearing ear buds to listen to music while you work is a great way to disconnect from the outside office chatter. If you prefer quiet, wearing noise cancelling earphones is also an option.

3~ Suggest an Alternative. There is no need to be rude and completely shut your coworker’s interactions down. Instead, try telling them that you would love to hear their story but are currently busy working. Suggest to them that the two of you meet in the break room for lunch to talk, when you are free to fully listen.

4~ Ask to be Moved. If necessary, ask your boss if it’s possible for you to be moved to a different area, away from the talking. Explain that it’s making it impossible for you to fully concentrate on your job.

There is always an alternative to dealing with difficult colleagues, besides hurting their feelings. Be professional and handle the situation head on, before things progress and worsen, causing you added stress in your work day.




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