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13 Things You Didn't Know About Patricia

Some of my favorite speaking events are with the NFL and MLB.

3 of my sisters have 3 letters in their name – Joy, Dee, and Liz

book-everyday-etiquette Happy to be the author of “Everyday Etiquette,” now in its 8th printing. Thank you, St. Martins Press!

Blessed with the GIFT of Dyslexia: I can read backwards and forwards

One very happy memory was being invited to a party at The White House with my hubby

My free time is spent on a baseball field, as that is where my treasures are

My Mantra is: Kindness not Formality ~ Relationships not Rules

Lucky to do 50 speeches, 25 TV segments, and 12 Print, Podcast and Radio spots a year

I married a Yankee, when in New York, he translates for me; when we are in North Carolina, I return the kindness.

Shameless Addictions:
1. Ted Talks
2. Gelato
3. Sanibel Island

My Favorite Quote: We rise by lifting others

Shameless Aversions:
1. Ice Cream Truck Music
2. People who read board game rules – “Let’s just play, already!”
3. Gossip! Gossip makes you ugly!

When my car starts to break down, I turn the radio up!


I’ve been friends with Larry the Cable Guy for 25 Years

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