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Etiquette Training Boosts Your Confidence & Credibility

  • Is your weak handshake distracting others from your professionalism?
  • Is your inability to engage in small talk holding you back from key business connections?
  • Are you too scared to make a first impression that you are making no impression at all?

With Patricia Rossi’s help, your next chapter can read of social comfort and confidence, workplace credibility, and quality connections. With a focus on kindness and relationships opposed to rules, Patricia can easily help you and your staff avoid business faux pas and networking awkwardness, and guide you through easy-to-understand professional etiquette. Through interactive and entertaining lessons, Patricia teaches that etiquette doesn’t have to be stifling. It’s about being comfortable, confident, and anxiety-free.

Consider the connections you’ve lost and the business relationships that have suffered because you are afraid to network with someone who could be a good customer, business associate, mentor, or even a potential friend. Patricia’s knowledge speaks to business owners, young professionals, athletes, and community leaders, helping them struggle less with small talk and putting them at ease in networking atmospheres.

Business Etiquette

Business professionals interact with others at networking events, boardrooms, parties, conferences, and around the office. This training includes secret rules to etiquette that can relieve anxiety, making you and others more comfortable. Learn to have fun while impressing everyone around you!

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College to Career

Just entering the workforce, young adults can confidently represent themselves with social confidence. University training includes how to “Dine Like a Diplomat” and “Networking Our Way to Success.”

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Athletic Protocol

Equipping athletes with protocol and etiquette training not only benefits the individual, but also upholds and protects the team brand. Add etiquette skills, networking tips, and dining do’s and don’ts to your team’s training regiment!

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Patricia Rossi is not only a sought after etiquette coach and consultant, but also a public speaker and on-air personality. Her experience includes talent for Hyatt Hotels, Adams-Mark Hotel, HSN, PGA Golf Resort, and “Manners Minute” segments airing on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.

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What Will You Learn?

Everyday we interact with others in both our professional and personal lives. Patricia’s knowledge gives us the tips and treasures to honor others through confident social interaction.

  • Network with Confidence – including making small talk, being aware of your body language, and executing the perfect handshake.
  • Navigate the Tech World – with tips on proper text, e-mail, cell phone, and social media etiquette.
  • Make a Memorable Impact – highlighting simple ways to remember names, business card protocol, and mastering the art of eye contact.
  • Mingling with Ease – including networking without nervousness, making lasting connections, how to shine when you are “out of your element,” and learning proper business dining etiquette.

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Endorsements for Patricia’s Everyday Etiquette book:

“Excellent book. While good manners are always important, Patricia puts the focus on where it belongs; kindness and consideration. Not only does she provide us with a road map to shine in both the usual and unusual situations, she shows us kindness and consideration as she does it. I felt like I was being counseled by a long-time friend who truly cares.”

Bob Burg
coauthor of The Go-Giver, and It’s Not About You

“Patricia Rossi shows us the simple truth that good manners, communication and kindness are the keys to success in all areas of life.”

Susan Heim
co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Twins and More

“Everyday Etiquette delivers! Patricia’s generous inclusion of real examples, templates and graphics makes it easy to ramp up your etiquette in a way that will strengthen your business and enrich your life. What a wonderful confidence-boosting tool. The detailed responses in the Tough Etiquette Questions Answered section are worth the price of the book alone!”

Dr. Mollie Marti
Founder, Best Life Design

“As a Vice President for 28 years with a Fortune 100 company, I thought I knew how to conduct myself in business and social settings. That was until I read Patricia Rossi’s book. I am so glad I found it. The information is Priceless.”

Ron Mintz
VP of Fortune 100 company

“Outstanding book! Success is fundamentally built on creating solid relationships. Understanding proper etiquette helps me to better build even more connection, trust, and rapport quickly and respectfully with my clients, friends, family. Thank you sharing these golden nuggets!”

Yasmine Bijan
Success Coach. Business Consultant. Talk Show Host.

“One of the things that makes Patricia’s book so amazing, is that it is all framed around basic kindness and relationships, rather than absolute rules for everything. Add to that a touch of Patricia’s wonderful sense of humor, and it’s a really fun and informative book to read. I now feel like I don’t have to be a Stepford Wife to fit into society!”

Dawn Duncan
MSW, MS; Grant Geek Diva

“Patricia’s Rossi hits the mark with Everyday Etiquette. Her sense of humor shines through while she provides solid advice to life’s everyday etiquette questions. A must buy for a new bride or college-bound student.”

Lisa Mininni
Best-Selling Author, Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and President

“Patricia Rossi’s Everyday Etiquette provides a clear road map for success in business, social media and daily interactions.”

Dan Holm

“In a world where we communicate mostly in short emails, texting and tweeting,… we need Patricia’s new book now more the ever to make all our relationships meaningful.”

Barry Moltz

From the boardroom to barbeque, your “open sign” is always on.

What are you telling your colleagues, classmates, and potential clients? Patricia’s knowledge and services shed new light on modern manners for business leaders, professional athletes, and young adults in real life situations.

“For more than twenty years I have helped people feel more confident and at ease in their everyday lives by teaching them about etiquette, protocol, and soft social skills. Whether I’m doing one-on-one coaching or group classes, writing blogs, visiting the White House, or appearing in my nationally syndicated ‘Manners Minute’ television segments, I always focus on the same core principles: kindness as opposed to formality, and relationships as opposed to rules. I’ve worked with thousands of people who were suffering needlessly with exact same problem, and I’ve been able to help most of them put an end to their social anxiety for good! Now they are living fuller, richer, more successful lives.” ~Patricia Rossi

Everyday Etiquette

The secret to self-confidence is to know and understand the rules of social engagement before you’re in the middle of an uncomfortable situation.

Do you know how to:

  • Shine at a networking event?
  • Write a Thank you Note?
  • Shake hands?
  • RSVP to an invitation?
  • Say no to a request for a favor?
  • Use social media with clarity?
  • Say the perfect thing at a funeral?
  • Smoke a cigar in public?

Etiquette isn’t just something you need on formal occasions. It’s a blueprint for how to behave every day, in every situation, to make interactions between people smooth and pleasant, with no ruffled feathers, misunderstandings or hurt feelings. It helps you smoothly transition from college to corporate life, and from professional obligations to personal ones.

Kindness not formality, Relationship not rules

Patricia Rossi is the go to person for etiquette knowledge and experience in television, radio and print media.

Presentation Topics

Patricia is a nationally acclaimed business etiquette coach, spokesperson, author, and columnist. Professional sports teams, universities, corporations, and other audiences love her fun, interactive seminars on business etiquette and social influence.

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